Be Bold!

Are you in a hairstyle rut? Have you just gone through a major life change? Or, have you been wanting to try something new? If any of these apply to you, then it may be time to try that bold hairstyle that you’ve been daydreaming about.

It’s true that bold styles are not for the faint of heart. They are almost certain to catch the eye of everyone who walks past you, and they may even change your life. However, those are reasons to take the plunge rather than avoid it. Here are some of the best reasons for you to try one of your favorite bold styles:

1. You’ll Feel Amazing

If you’ve been wearing the same old hairstyle for years, then it probably feels a bit like a security blanket. In fact, that familiar hairstyle can act like a shield that protects you from the world. You’re used to seeing your hair that way, and so is everyone that you interact with on a regular basis.

However, maybe you’re starting to think that your look is just too blah or that it’s a bit dated. This can lead to you feeling self-conscious. Perhaps you’ve even been using a boring hairstyle to effectively hide from the world.

With a bold hairstyle, you can change all of that. A new cut and color can rejuvenate you in incredible and unexpected ways. Every time you catch yourself in the mirror, you’ll see how great you look, and this will give you the confidence to try other new things. Now is the time to try that spinning class or to ask for a raise at work. That cute guy that you keep seeing at the coffee shop? Now is the time to introduce yourself. Going bold with your hair just might enhance your confidence in other areas.

2. It’s Not Permanent

Let’s say that you try that edgy haircut, only to discover that it’s not everything that you hoped it would be. That’s perfectly all right. When you make a big change, you have to give yourself a chance to adjust to it. Maybe you’re not so sure about it today, but in a week, you may start to fall in love.

Even if you don’t, you have the peace of mind of knowing that any cut will grow out and so will any color that is less than flattering. In a few weeks, you can come back to the salon and try again.

3. It Suits Your Lifestyle

Some bold styles are surprisingly easy to maintain. If you’re super-busy and looking for ways to save time, a new haircut can totally revolutionize your morning. Plus, a shorter haircut may make it easier for you to enjoy outdoor recreation of every description. From tennis to hiking, your new cut will look fantastic and wear well.

Let’s Go!

Visit April & Co. to speak with one of our stylists about a bold new style for your hair. You never know where it might lead you.