Beat The Heat

Summer will be here before you know it, which means that now is the perfect time to think about a new hairstyle. Of course, if you haven’t changed up your style for quite some time, then maybe you need a little incentive to get started. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to try new summer styles.

They’re Easy to Maintain and Super Cool

Summer is hot, and that means that you’ll be more comfortable if you get rid of your thick, heavy mane. You’re bound to be surprised by how much cooler you feel without your hair clinging to your neck. Plus, your new ‘do will be easier and quicker to maintain. You’ll look effortlessly stylish even when at the beach or on a long hike. This summer, why not focus on fun instead of your hair?

Hair Trends for Summer 2018

Of course, not just any old summer styles will do for this season. You want something that’s on-trend and fun so that you’ll always look your best during outdoor concerts and weekend picnics. Here are some of the hottest hair trends for the season.

A Lob with Bangs

Lobs have been all the rage for a few years now, but this summer’s new spin on the long bob is bangs. Just be sure to ask your stylist to give you light bangs rather than a thick, blocky layer as this can really weigh the whole look down. Also, consider asking for longer bangs that brush just below your eyebrows. This makes it easy to tuck the hair behind your ears when you want it out of your way.

PB&J Color

If you want to try something really different with your color, go with this cool new trend that mimics the look of peanut butter and jelly. This two-tone style will add golden blonde highlights to your hair to represent peanut butter, and then add a few dashes of purple for the jelly. It’s pretty subtle, but you’ll love the look.

Go Pixie

No cut says summer chic like the pixie. This super-short ‘do is only for the brave, but those ladies who choose it will definitely be rewarded for their bold style choice. The trend for this summer is a chunky pixie cut that includes plenty of layers. Then, it’s styled with wax to give your hair a look that’s full of texture.

Big Hair Gets Stylish Again

Big hair had its heyday in the 80s, but it’s making a comeback this summer. However, things are a little different. Forget the set, immoveable look of the 80s. It’s been replaced by a far more natural look that relies on texture and volume. Totally glamorous and glossy, this look lets you flaunt how healthy your tresses are.

Call April & Co. to schedule an appointment with one of our hair stylists. With their help, you can go over all of the latest summer styles so that you can find the look that’s perfect for you.