Important information you need to know, BEFORE you arrive for your scheduled appointment.

The client must have an appointment scheduled. If you are a new client, you need to have a consultation with the stylus you choose by phone before you can make an appointment. When you arrive stay in the car, if you have a cell phone let us know, call the salon 845—331-1606 or until you are invited to come in and stay 6 feet away from the front door. No guests are not allowed to bring company. There will not be waiting room seats. You must wear a mask before entering the building and you will go directly to your stylist chair.

If you are planning a new change of color or hairstyle, we recommend that you have a consultation with your stylist, so we can be prepared to have the right amount of time scheduled and you won't be disappointed if you have to wait.

At this time, the only services that are allowed are haircuts and hair coloring techniques for those who can wear a mask.

Men, we are not allowed to do beards and mustaches at this time. Sorry for this inconvenience. Women, who are receiving color must wait in the waiting room 6 feet apart when your color is processing. We recommend you bring something to read or an electronic device to occupy yourself. We also suggest that you bring an old mask that you can throw away or just keep for your color or haircut because they do get hairy.

Your stylist is required to wear a mask and a shield when your service is being done and will be responsible to live up to all the required disinfecting rules.

There will be a COVID-19 risk consent form to sign and a tracing sheet for you to give your required information.

There will be no waxing services at this time.

Nail services will be permanently discontinued due to social distancing.

Bridal Bookings will no longer be offered until further notice.

We want you to know that we still love to do your hair and will make the best of the situation. Having a sense of humor and with our many talents we can make this happen! We truly do care about our clients and families. April