How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Skin

The change of seasons can be welcome, such as when spring finally begins, or difficult, such as when winter settles in for the long haul. While our moods and behaviors change with the seasons, so does our skin. In fact, the changes to our skin from one season to the next can be significant. This makes it essential to change our skin care routine to coincide with the progression of the seasons. Otherwise, we may end up with damaged, irritated skin that shows the signs of aging well before its time. Taking a closer look at how each season affects our skin is an excellent place to start.


When the year begins, winter is in full swing. Cold temperatures outdoors are the norm, and so is being bombarded by forced-air heating indoors. All of that dry air means that our skin gets drier too. On top of that, the skin’s metabolism naturally slows at this time of year. This translates to slower cell renewal, and that generally leads to duller skin. Combat dry skin with a rich, emollient-based moisturizer while also trying a gentle exfoliator to give cell renewal a jump start.


As temperatures and humidity levels rise, we have the perfect excuse to deep clean our skin. Get rid of all of the toxins that have accumulated over the winter with a chemical peel or a deep exfoliation. Your metabolism will be speeding up, which is good news for cell regeneration. The richer moisturizer you used in the winter may need to be shelved for something lighter.


Now is the fantastic time of year when we seem to spend hours in the outdoors. All of that fresh air and exercise is good for our bodies, but can be bad for our skin. The biggest threat to healthy skin is the sun, so make certain that you are protecting your skin from UV rays every day. Invest in a light moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 30. Use it on your face, neck, d├ęcolletage and hands to protect yourself from the early signs of aging. Additionally, slather on a thick layer of sunscreen every time you go outside. You’ll be protecting your skin from damage, and you also may prevent a skin cancer diagnosis.


The colder weather is making a return, which means that it may be time to switch back to the richer moisturizer that you used during the winter. You also might want to try a moisturizing face mask for an extra boost of hydration. Don’t forget about sun protection, as those beautiful autumn days have a way of keeping us outside longer than we expect.

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