Time for a color change?

When you get your hair colored in our salon it is done by a professional colorist.  There is a full dispensary of colors that insures that the formula does not look like it came from a box. When color application is done properly, tones, levels and timing are very important to get the controlled results that’s desired.
It is not true that you have to do something major when you come to a salon. We can do a “un-over” look for you which is subtle and classy. There are so many ways to be creative with hair color. You name it!  Highlights, Lowlights, Ombres, Sombres…A favorite new coloring technique is called a Blur.  It is such a classy effect.  When  they are tastefully done  your friends will wonder how and what did you do?   You will just smile and say I had it done at April & Co. Geometric Color Blocking is another technique that can be very Bold or Subtle.  Great color makes a  statement, it says you take interest in how you look.  For those who are going thru the “I gotta Grey hair” issue no need to worry! We can come up with a plan that will gracefully stop time.  Every stylist in the salon is a great and creative Colorist.  We will guide you thru the process and not promise something we cant deliver.